How to Develop a Photographic Memory

How to develop a photographic memory

You Can Develop a Photographic Memory

  • Do you frequently misplace your car keys?
  • Do you forget names when introducing people in a group?
  • Do you forget locker combinations and computer passwords?
  • Does it take you forever to study for exams?
  • Do you wish you could give a speech without reading it word-for-word?
  • Do you forget birthdays, anniversaries, and special events?
  • If so, read on.

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We All Were Born with a Photographic Memory

Did you know that we are all born with a photographically-oriented memory, but that it becomes less dominant as we turn 8 years of age.

Did you know that we don’t forget things because we’ve used up our memory’s capacity? (There are 100 trillion synapses in the typical human brain). We forget things because our memories are not properly stored in the first place.

Did you know that we can learn to efficiently store and retrieve memories for better recall? These techniques often stimulate the visually-oriented memory we were all born with!

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Are You Absent-Minded?

  • Is absent-mindedness actually related to memory?
  • When the best time to remember items you’ll need before you leave the house?
  • Do you know how to use a  reminder zone in your house to ensure you never leave needed items behind.

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Remembering Names

  • Studies have shown that you can remember as many words as you can mentally pronounce to yourself in 1.5 seconds.
  • So, without memory training, you will only be able to remember the exact words that have been spoken to you within the last 1.5 seconds, although you may be able to remember the meaning of the words.
  • This means you can remember shorter names better than long ones. So, if introduced to a group of people at a party, you’ll tend to remember the shorter names better than the long ones.
  • However, photographic memory techniques will allow you to remember the name of everyone in that group.

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Methods for Improving Your Memory

There are a number of methods for improving your memory, that tap into your photographic memory abilities. These include

  • Snapshot Techniques
  • Association
  • Names & Faces
  • Numbers
  • Body Parts
  • Linking & Memory Chains
  • Substitution,
  • Out of proportion,
  • Exaggeration,
  • Action
  • Repetition

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Natural Memory Boosters

Changes in your nutrition and lifestyle can provide a natural memory boost. For example.

  • Nutrition – some foods, like fish oils, have been proven to improve memory function. To learn about the other 12 memory-boosting foods, CLICK HERE!
  • Lifestyle -mental games such as Sudoku are obvious memory boosters. Here are 7 more lifestyle changes you can use to improve your memory. CLICK HERE!

How Can I Develop a Photographic Memory?

If you’d like to improve your memory, scroll down to see a resource that will allow you to:

  • Maximize ability and speed of learning
  • Effortlessly recall facts and figures.
  • Remember important dates, appointments, deadlines
  • Remember names and faces.And much more!

This resource will allow you to convert any info you want to remember into a mental “print photograph” that you can later recall!


How to develop a photographic memory









If you’d like to know how to get a photographic memory, check out the eBook and online course,  “Awaken Your Photographic Memory.” It follows the premise that everybody has the ability to tap into their innate eidetic memory and that with some photographic memory training, you can stimulate that ability to become more effective.


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